Rule & Regulation


It should be understood by the members of this association that the purpose of these rules is to insure maximum benefit of studying Tae Kwon Do. The basic principles found in these rules have been a part of Tae Kwon Do from its inception, and should be taken seriously.

  • Bow to the flag and your instructor when entering and leaving the school. This is to show respect and your modesty.
  • Do not enter or leave the class without permission from your instructor during the class.
  • Students must always bow before speaking to the instructor and use words of consideration while speaking, such as Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma’am, Pardon me, etc.
  • All students are expected to be courteous and understanding. Advanced students are expected to set good examples to new students, and to assist such students whenever necessary.
  • Loud conversation, laughing in excess and chewing gum have no place in a Tae Kwon Do school.
  • Your uniform should be clean at all times.
  • Any substitute teacher shall be treated as your regular instructor.
  • Do not give a demonstration or teach Tae Kwon Do without the approval of your instructor.
  • Do not use any of the techniques learned at this school except to protect the honor or the well being of yourself or the defenseless.
  • Do not engage in any activity that might degrade the code of Tae Kwon Do ethics or the reputation of this school.
  • You must have the approval of this school/association before participating in any tournament(s).
  • Do not participate in any activities held by another school or club other than this school/association or affiliated centers.

Time credit for absence is given only when the student has been absent one full week. The school must be notified in advance on such occasions, when returning from an absence, the student must report to the office before attending class, or time credit cannot be awarded.

Do not leave soda cans, papers, etc. in the lobby. (We have trashcans and would appreciate your cooperation in helping us keep a clean school.)

Disciplinary action will be taken for violations of the above regulations. Penalties will vary at the discretion of the Head Instructor. Such penalties include possible demotion of rank, suspension or termination of training.


Here are some helpful rules for children at home. Help your children to memorize the ten home rules for children and use them as reminders when needed to help them to develop respect and discipline.

  • Be polite and thoughtful when speaking to others
  • Always respect your parents, teachers, and elders
  • Be kind to your brothers and sisters
  • Keep your room neat and tidy
  • Keep your hair, teeth, and body clean daily
  • Never interrupt adult conversations
  • Review, study and finish your homework on time
  • Ask your parents to arrange family time
  • Participate in school activities & always try your
  • Read a new book every month

Provide the Right Environment for Children:

Tae Kwon Do is always taught in an atmosphere of positive encouragement for all students regardless of age. Our program focuses on teaching the basic fundamentals of self-defense and self-confidence. All classes use safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods and encourage students to actively participate in achieving their goals!

Learn More About Our Tae Kwon Do Program:

Our Tae Kwon Do program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. Call today and start a new beginning with your children. Start by teaching them the ten home rules today! Having rules in your home will help your children to become respectful towards themselves, and others.

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